Capcom Video Policy

Last updated March 15, 2021

Here is a PDF version of our Video Policy for those who wish to save or print the contents of this page.

Capcom is grateful to have such passionate and loyal fans who want to create engaging content with game footage of our titles.

We encourage your creativity and ask you to follow the guidelines below in using game footage of our titles. Please note the following guidelines ONLY apply to intellectual property owned by Capcom. For anything related to content owned by third parties, you must check with the proper rights holders:


• Creative Content: You may make walkthroughs, tutorials, Let’s Play, speedruns, reviews, reactions, instructionals, and other “commentary” style videos using our game footage to be shared on YouTube,, your website, or other video/streaming sites. The associated step-by-step commentary should be tied to the live game play being shown, and should provide instructional or educational value, or other benefits.

• Game footage posted online: You should not share game footage online without adding your own video or content unless the game console or device permits sharing of game footage. You may not split our game content into components (visual, vocal, in-game elements, etc.) and distribute such components as separate content.

• Not Official Capcom Video: Fan content may not be promoted as official Capcom content.

• Only Capcom Music: Please note that some game soundtracks or songs may not be owned by Capcom, but instead are licensed from an artist or another group. As this varies from game to game, please be aware that music may trigger content flags and potential removal of the video. Game soundtracks may not be posted or distributed separately and apart from game footage.

• Audience-Appropriate: All fan-created content should be appropriate for the audience of the Capcom games. For example, if you take game content for younger audience and make it objectionable, we reserve the right to take it down.

• Spoilers: Any posting or other unauthorized disclosure of game content prior to a game’s official release is strictly prohibited. Even after an official game release, spoilers can ruin a fan’s experience and we always aim to avoid them. Please be respectful of others and do not deliberately push plot reveals on people who are actively avoiding learning about them; otherwise please offer spoiler disclaimers as a courtesy.


• Non-Commercial Use: We do not allow Capcom content and other materials to be used to make money or to gain any other financial benefit except through permissible monetization described below. You may not limit to paid access, sell, or license your content that includes our game content to others for payment of any kind. In particular, we do not allow you to create new content using our game if a paid subscription is required for people to access our specific content.

• Permissible Monetization: You may monetize through partner programs and/or advertising from YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or other video sharing services. Collecting voluntary contribution, such as through SuperChat on YouTube and Bits on Twitch, is permitted as long as your video is also available for free to the public on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or other video sharing services.


• Pre-Release Content: Any posting or other disclosure of unofficially released, unauthorized, or leaked video and other leaked content of any kind, in any format, is strictly prohibited. Any publishing of in-game content from sources such as, but not limited to, leaked copies of a game prior to its official release date will be removed. We may authorize pre-release content to a select group for media review or other agreed upon business purposes, accompanied by strict guidelines for any content released prior to the official release date.

• Unauthorized Usage: We do not allow usage of or promotion of third-party programs (including hacking, cheating, etc.) or devices that circumvent intended protection of Capcom titles. Additionally, we do not allow Capcom content to be uploaded to a platform for which rights have not been granted (such as in the creation of Twitch emotes featuring Capcom content.)

• Inappropriate Content: Using Capcom titles to create video and other content, including mods, that is illegal, racist, sexist, prejudicial to sexual orientation, sexually explicit, disparaging, promotes hate crimes, or is otherwise offensive is not tolerated. On a case by case basis, Capcom reserves the right to take down content that is found to be inappropriate or objectionable, at our discretion.

• Video Capture of Capcom Publication: Any posting of video capture of printed or digital books and other printed or digital materials published by Capcom or its licensees, such as but not limited to comic books, game strategy guides, collector’s edition art books (“Capcom Publication”) is prohibited. However, you may use Capcom Publication in unboxing videos provided that no specific content inside Capcom Publication is displayed in the videos.


• Reservation. Failure to abide by these video content guidelines may result in Capcom taking action to have your video content removed. Capcom reserves the right to change these policies, at any time and for any reason. Please note that this policy is not exhaustive, and we reserve the right to object to any use of Capcom materials and to remove such objectionable content at our sole discretion.

• Effect of Video Policy. Please note this policy is a guideline for using game footage of our titles. It is not intended to be, nor should be considered as, express permission nor an official license or authorization for you to create mods or derivative works of Capcom titles or content.

• Link to Video Policy. Also, please note that we are unable to address individual requests for clearance, so feel free to share the link to this Capcom Video Policy ( with anyone requesting details on our policy. If you receive a violation claim from Capcom directly or through a video/ social media platform and believe this is in error, please submit a notice to the applicable video/ social media platform disputing the violation and we will investigate on the backend.

Capcom Video Policy - FAQ

Last updated March 15, 2021

1. What are examples of what can and can’t be posted in Section I. Guidelines?

Following are examples of what is and is not allowed. However, as the policy states, Capcom will use its discretion on a case by case basis for content not covered in the policy.

Examples of content that is allowed:

Examples of content that is not allowed:

2. Is it okay to use my PC capture card instead of a console or Steam client features to post videos?

Yes, this is allowed. In these instances, however, we ask that you please include transformative elements that will add value to your video. Examples include adding personal comments (ex. via voice, captions, etc.) or producing gameplay video that reflect your own original content (ex. Let’s Plays, speedruns, etc.).

3. Regarding the guidelines for spoilers, is it okay to post gameplay videos shortly after a game is released? Is it okay to post story contents through the ending of the game?

As long as there aren’t any game-specific guidelines in place, there are no specific limitations on what can be posted once a game is released. In the less common event that a game has specific posting guidelines, that information will reside on the game’s official website. In general, we ask that you be considerate of other users when posting. For example, if your video includes strategy information or major spoilers, warning viewers with disclaimers would be appreciated.

4. Is it okay to use the videos I’ve created to generate revenue?

Creator content can be used to generate revenue according to the bulleted points below and in line with the video policy. However, you may not directly require payment for a Capcom video on its own as the sole exclusive way to watch that video.

Permissible Monetization:

5. Is it okay to use official Capcom materials (ex. logos, icons, character art, game UI elements, etc.) as Twitch emotes?


6. Is it okay to use custom created artwork based on Capcom materials (ex. fan-made artwork, references, etc.) as Twitch emotes?

Yes. However, these are still subject to Twitch’s emote guidelines, Capcom’s general content guidelines (i.e., are not inappropriate or objectionable) and permissions requirements (i.e., if based on assets from a 3rd party).